Gaj Double Toned Milk

Lower Fat, Same Taste: With significantly reduced fat content compared to regular milk, our Gaj Double Toned Milk ensures you don’t compromise on taste while keeping health in check.

Calorie Conscious: Ideal for those watching their calorie intake. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of milk without the added calories.

Rich in Calcium: Strengthen your bones and teeth. Each serving provides an ample dose of calcium necessary for optimal bone health.

Versatile Use: Its consistent texture makes it an excellent choice for tea, coffee, smoothies, and even your favorite recipes that call for milk.

Digestive Ease: Lighter on the stomach, this milk is easily digestible, making it suitable for all age groups, including children and the elderly.


Gaj Double Toned Milk

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Introducing our Gaj Double Toned Milk – a delightful fusion of nutrition and taste! Sourced from the freshest cows, this milk undergoes a meticulous process to deliver a balanced blend of creaminess and health benefits. Its light, smooth texture makes it perfect for daily consumption, catering to the diverse needs of modern families.


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